Nosefish 2012 perks you up!

We are happy to announce the final plans for Camp Nose Fish for 2012!

You will be able to find us this year at Center Camp @ 2:00.

This year we are offering coffee service from 8am to 10am, so bring your groggy selves by to get yer caffeine fix and start the day off with a smile!  Milk and sugar will be available, please bring your own cup!

In the afternoons, our world-renowned EL Wire Repair Service will return to keep you and your projects safe and well-lit at night. There are going to be more people than ever in Black Rock City this year, so it is important to be seen when the sun goes down.  Check the What, Where, When guide for opening times.

Then, after dark the interactive MEZ screen will return, where you and your friends can enjoy seeing images of your fine selves moving about transformed into different visual and time lapse patterns.  From dusk until late 🙂

We can’t wait to see you on the playa!