Who We Are

Camp Nose Fish has been at Burning Man since 2003.  We’ve won “Camp of the Day” four times because of our commitment to green practices and providing fun, interactive experiences or services to the Burning Man community.

Generally Camp Nose Fish offers free coffee in the morning (though some years we switched to afternoon otter pops or evening quesadillas), bike repair and electronics repair (generally EL Wire or LED lights) in the afternoon, and the MEZ video screen in the evening.

Our afternoon bike repair service has saved countless hundreds at Burning Man.  We don’t fix bikes but rather show you how to do it yourself with the help of our tools and large supply of spare parts.

Everyone loves being safe and beautiful by night in Black Rock City, but sometimes the harsh environment and activities of the playa can take their toll on EL Wire.  Nosefish is here to help the participants of Black Rock City to troubleshoot and repair EL Wire on bikes, art, and clothes.  We bring lots of spare parts and wire to replace whatever has broken. We also invite EL-Wire geeks to participate and provide service with us for the community. We invite people to donate their unused EL-Wire supplies so we can re-gift and reuse them for others. Would you like to contribute to our EL Wire Service? Find out how.  We learned a lot about what can go wrong with EL Wire on the playa — read our Tips and Tricks Page!

By night, the MEZ screen delights the citizens of Black Rock City by providing an interactive visual adventure from sunset through the early morning. It uses a digital video camera to transform your moving image onto a large, rear-projection video screen.  You can see yourself as multicolored dynamic images, collages of fruits, animated impressionist paintings, warped in time, and with other effects that encourage more people to join in and watch the fun they create!

Camp Nosefish 2010

Howard conducts repairs on EL Wire in 2011