EL Wire/LED Repair Services

There are literally miles of EL Wire and LED light strips at Burning Man.  No matter how many technicians we have or how many hours we stay open we probably cannot provide enough service for all needs.  Also, while our main EL Wire benefactor, Benny at http://www.coolneon.com has been immensely generous and provided us a lot of drivers and wire, we’ll never have enough drivers to replace all the ones people break or which fail in the desert.  So, we have to have some priorities to guide us through the decision process for what to do and for whom.

Our priorities are:

  1. Get more people and bikes lit at night: more people lit at all is better than fewer people lit more brightly
  2. Respect the Art: if you put a lot of time into your project, we’re more likely to want to put more time into it as well
  3. Help more people: there’s a lot of people in line behind you… what’s the fastest way to help and still do a quality job?
  4. Conserve scarce resources: drivers are always in demand.  If yours is dead you may get a smaller one that will still do the job.  If three of yours died we may provide you with only one or two to run your project.

Would you like to help us with the EL Wire/LED Repair service?  Find out how