Who We Are

Camp Nose Fish has been since 2003.  We’ve won “Camp of the Day” four times because of our commitment to green practices and providing fun, interactive experiences or services to the Burning Man community.

Beginning in 2010 Nose Fish began providing EL Wire repair on the playa.  The 2010 service was just two hours per day and was operated only by Howard Cohen.  In 2011 camp members and volunteers swelled the ranks of technicians and service was provided for five days, five hours each day (11a-4p). We learned a lot about what can go wrong with EL Wire on the playa — read our Tips and Tricks Page!

Camp Nosefish 2010

Both years we were equipped with EL Wire, drivers, connectors and many miscellaneous tools and materials by Benny at coolneon.com without whom there would be no EL Wire service on the playa, or probably much EL Wire at all on the playa, to be honest.

In 2011 Nose Fish will be back at Burning Man with a better organized, better equipped EL Wire repair service.  And, probably quesadillas too.

Howard conducts repairs on EL Wire in 2011

Recent Posts

Nosefish 2014 giving coffee and light!

Nose Fish will again provide multiple activities as in past years. By day we will be serving coffee to the City’s early risers (Tues-Friday – served Playa-time). Our coffee service is an interactive experience whereby caffeinate-ees are greeted by our own camp coffee greeter who helps each drinker uses our materials to create a piece of recyclable artistic “currency” for their coffee.

From 3-5 in the afternoon Tues-Thurs, we will provide costume and vehicle EL wire repair clinic. For many years, we’ve helped get their costume art working. We can provide a wide range of advice on matters electronic and mechanical.

At night, we’ll run the interactive MEZ – Experience yourself transformed into an eerie surreal rendering of space, time, and color in our MEZ Video Mirror.

You can find us this year at 6:00 and Rod’s Road, remember to bring your own cup!

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