Dome Sweet Dome

We had some special challenges this year because of our Quesadilla! and EL Wire Repair servies. Here’s our plan for managing them:

  • We will have a floor on combined Quesadilla! and EL Wire Repair Dome (aka the service dome) to catch any spills, bits of wire and other soldering debris.
  • We’ll have a wind screen around the service dome to keep wind from blowing freely through it. The windscreen will come all the way to the ground, so that any materials and supplies inside the dome cannot escape simply by blowing along the ground.
  • We are planning for extra space in our vehicles for the return trip so we have room for whatever moop we collect as well as the inevitable debris people leave in our public spaces. We’re planning from the beginning for the moop we’ll have at the end.

Personal Containment Domes

This year we have two large, covered shared domes and one personal dome. The domes will be covered with tarps in a manner that makes it easy to secure in a hurry by any of our camp members when there is a windstorm. One of the shared domes acts as our combined kitchen and storage area. The other is our camp’s private lounge area. These areas will be protected from wind so that debris does not blow away using wind cloth. All of our domes have tarps on the floor to protect the playa from spills and to keep debris from getting ground into the playa.

People will keep their items either in the kitchen dome or in their tents or vehicles.

The bottom line is that everyone in our camp has a place to keep their stuff so it won’t blow away, whether they are there to protect it or not. Someone is always at our camp, and anyone in our camp will be able to close all the domes or tents quickly.

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