Camp Nosefish will provide four EL Wire repair stations.  Three will be reserved for technicians and one will be made available to Burning Man participants who would like to attempt their own repair.

Each workstation will have:

  • A high quality soldering iron with sponge and stand
  • A known-good driver and known-good battery cage
  • A known-good EL Wire Fish and a longer length of known-good wire for testing drivers
  • A collection of gender and manufacturer adaptors
  • A kludge wire with alligator clips (this is a piece of wire that ends in driver-side EL Wire connectors on one end, wire-side on the other and in the middle of each wire is an alligator clip for making connections to wire or driver raw wires.)
  • Copper foil, heat-shrink tubing, termination connectors, solder
  • A continuity tester or VOM with continuity tester
  • A good scissors
  • A good wire stripper
  • A “third hand”
  • Electrical tape, zip ties

Each pair of adjacent workstations will share a hot-melt glue gun and a hot-air gun.

The 2011 volunteers excelled at reaching over each other, sharing scarce resources like the “known good driver,” and finding tools and materials in what can only be described as a “heap.”  In 2012 the goal is to make volunteering an exercise in customer service and not a combination of “where’s waldo” and “twister.”

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