What We Do – 2013

In 2013, Nosefish is proud to offer 3 great projects on the playa!

We’re located in Center Camp at the 2:45 position (as if center camp were a clock seen from the top and if noon were facing the Man).

By day, we will be offering EL Wire Repair service, back by popular demand!  Everyone loves being safe and beautiful by night in Black Rock City, but sometimes the harsh environment and activities of the playa can take their toll on EL Wire.  Nosefish is here to help the participants of Black Rock City to troubleshoot and repair EL Wire on bikes, art, and clothes.  The service will be provided Monday-Friday from 11am-4pm. We bring lots of spare parts and wire to replace whatever has broken. We also invite EL-Wire geeks to participate and provide service with us for the community. We invite people to donate their unused EL-Wire supplies so we can re-gift and reuse them for others. This will be the fourth year for our EL-Wire service. Would you like to contribute to our EL Wire Service? Find out how

By night, the MEZ screen will delight the citizens of Black Rock City by providing an interactive visual adventure from first dark through the early morning. It uses a digital video camera to receive a moving image of the scene in front of a large rear-projection video screen. The camera feeds into a computer that morphs the scene in real time and then sends it to a digital projector. Participants can watch their own movements be transformed into multicolored dynamic images that encourage more people to join in and watch the fun they create!

Also, this year Nose Fish is supporting the Beat Frequency Muffin project headed up by Aleks Zosuls. It will be a kinetic art project (with playa placement) that offers 24×7 interactivity. It is a fanciful “antenna” created as if imagined by the natives who are trying to reach John Frum. The antenna has a collection of devices that produce sounds. People can interact with it to make unique sounds. The antenna itself will have moving parts that can be controlled by participants. Our camp will be providing the infrastructure for Aleks and his team as they build and operate their project. Nose Fish elected to embrace Aleks’ project to support a new artist as they undertake their first large-scale art at Burning Man.



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