Nosefish 2014 giving coffee and light!

Nose Fish will again provide multiple activities as in past years. By day we will be serving coffee to the City’s early risers (Tues-Friday – served Playa-time). Our coffee service is an interactive experience whereby caffeinate-ees are greeted by our own camp coffee greeter who helps each drinker uses our materials to create a piece of recyclable artistic “currency” for their coffee.

From 3-5 in the afternoon Tues-Thurs, we will provide costume and vehicle EL wire repair clinic. For many years, we’ve helped get their costume art working. We can provide a wide range of advice on matters electronic and mechanical.

At night, we’ll run the interactive MEZ – Experience yourself transformed into an eerie surreal rendering of space, time, and color in our MEZ Video Mirror.

You can find us this year at 6:00 and Rod’s Road, remember to bring your own cup!

135 thoughts on “Nosefish 2014 giving coffee and light!

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